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Officially Official: Cubs Trade Darvish, Caratini *and* Cash to San Diego for Davies and a Package of Prospects – bleachernation.com


I’m not going to re-litigate the merits of this deal, bid farewell to Yu Darvish and Victor Caratini, or discuss the market fallout of trading another ace to San Diego. We’ve done all of that already today (and probably have more of it to go in the coming days and weeks ahead). Instead, I just want you to know that the deal is officially official (all the players exactly as already known), now reported by the Cubs, themselves.

And the only “surprise” is that the Cubs are also throwing in some cash to help cover Darvish’s remaining $62 million over the next three years (finishing second in the Cy Young race escalated his contract, though I have seen people still reporting that he’s owed just $59M):

How much cash are the Cubs kicking in?

According to Jordan Bastian, $3 million of the remaining $62 million.

(Kevin Acee had previously reported $5 million, but I’ve seen $3 million more often *and* Acee also thought Darvish was owed just $59 million, so I think he had some of his numbers wrong).

In any case, I promised not to get into it tonight, because whatever at this point. But yeah, the Cubs not only included Caratini *and* took Davies’ roughly $8 million due for 2021, they also kicked in $3 more million to help offset Darvish. Goodnight.

At least they can extend Javy Baez now, right? RIGHT?


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